It’s no secret that the growth of online learning has increased in recent years. Students are opting for comfortable, flexible courses to do in their own time. So what does this mean for providers? Whilst face-to-face student engagement may be becoming less prominent in the education sector, it is time to assert the needs of the millennial student to get your organisation ahead of the game.

For the students, online, blended and eLearning means:

  • A variety of courses and programs

Online learning allows access to a broad spectrum of courses as teachers and lecturers are vastly available.

  • Self-paced and flexible hours

This enables students to fit studying into their own schedule and work at times that best suit them.

  • The ability to up skill

Online courses allow students to work around their schedules to up skill whilst already working. They are able to gain extra expertise in selected fields without taking time to travel to a site.

  • Reduced costs

The cost of learning and development is drastically reduced as students are saving on course materials, teachers and travel.

For you as a provider, online, blended and eLearning means:

  • Access to global markets

Online learning enables your courses to be accessed from all over the world. This evidently increases the growth and exposure of your organisation.

  • Speed of delivery

Since they are not working at the pace of the group, students are able to focus on matters they need to learn and skip parts of the program that they already understand. This means further resources available, as teachers aren’t tied up to their course for long periods of time.

  • Student tracking and analysis

Online learning enables easy analysis of student’s performances and invaluable insights into learner’s behaviour.

  • Long term cost reduction

Without a need for classrooms and facilities, organisations have the ability to cut costs and focus on the quality of courses delivered.

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