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There’s Lots to be Grateful for In 2021


It’s a funny old world, as they say.

The last couple of years have been quite the horror for many people. However, it is also been a time of thinking through the ways we work, live, connect with people, and what we will (and won’t) put up.

While 2020 won’t be remembered as a dream year by many, I still think it was pretty okay. Let’s face it, despite the inconvenience, there’s a lot to be grateful for: family, friends, safety and community.

People tended towards mass hysteria; however, there were also lots of evidence that people are essentially good people at the end of the day.


In working online with great people around the world, I feel lots of gratitude. It is quite incredible that technology has facilitated friendships around the world. That people are just a camera and a smile away.

Of course, media of all types – social media, regular media – tends towards fear and negativity. I’m sure there is an evolutionary reason for this, however, the crops aren’t failing, and there is generally safety and help available, even in the most dire of circumstances.

So in 2021, what are the things that I’m truly grateful for:

  • That there is learning available everywhere. It is no longer the province of the rich and powerful to gain knowledge and skills. While we take this for granted, it really wasn’t that long ago (and still is for many people). The internet has really helped us all out during 2020 and for that I’m grateful.
  • For my loved ones. You know who you are.
  • For the wonderful team in Darlo land. We have a population of Darlovians – past and present – splayed across the world. Some are cranky, some are happy, some are spoilt, and some are unbelievably fantastic. It’s wonderful that they have contributed to the story.
  • For the people working for others. This includes the unpaid, predominantly female caring staff that has worn the brunt of the Covid crisis.
  • For the amazing fitness and wellbeing world that has emerged. It’s amazing to see so many people doing yoga, meditation or pilates, or other wellbeing practices. It’s not a fad.
  • For the ability of our farmers and food producers to keep growing and creating through rain, hail and sign.
  • And for the entrepreneurs and risk-takers who are giving it all to make their dreams happen. They make the world a more interesting and colorful place.


When the path gets tough, just keep going. I like this saying. It’s also important to remember the good times, not to place too much stock on negative people or the gloomy – they always want more and will never be satisfied. It’s a great time to return to basics: getting healthy, feeling good about yourself, and being thankful for this wonderful life we have: the ability to dream, imagine and create new things.

There’s a lot to be thankful for.