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Buying White Label Courses

A major initiative of Darlo has been in the area of content authoring for universities. This is exactly what our Course Writer services does.

A lot of people are curious about white label courses, where the idea came from, and what the purpose is.

Writing white label courses is exactly what the label says. It is creating university or certification level courses that universities, colleges and companies can brand and sell. Indeed, our Course Writer team will even help with the graphic design and branding and ensure that they reflect your values and style.

Some people believe this too good to be true. For instance, why would you create white label courses when you could teach them yourselves? Well, that’s a good question, with two clear answers. Firstly, our mission is focussed on expanding education and learning. The way we can best help expand and grow education is by helping others grow. By supporting existing educators to grow, this helps achieve our mission. Secondly, our mission is not to teach students or be responsible for university administration. At heart, we are creatives, enjoy the creative work, and thrive on creative work. Best to stick with what we are good at.

White label courses are not without controversy. Indeed, when we started many years ago, some crazies wanted to ‘report us’ to the media for creating made-up courses. (Yes, the university system has truly failed us). The fact is that they are not made up courses. However, our approach does strike at the heart of the contemporary and inefficient practice of university curriculum and design. Remodelling course design is also remodelling academia. Nice.

Whatever people think, white label course design is here to stay and will only grow.

Thank goodness for that.